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 Bleach Gungrave Crossover

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PostSubject: Bleach Gungrave Crossover   Bleach Gungrave Crossover I_icon_minitimeSat Jan 15, 2011 3:10 pm

To protect is to never betray... Requiem shook his head, looking forward, Zaigou raised above his head in his attack stance, his old squad leaders words passing through his head. Without a seconds further thought, he rushed forward making a faint to the side, the bladed gauntlet meeting the blade of his opponent. As he pushed down against the opposing blade, he felt a shift in his balance as the man used his weapon to throw Requiem to the other side of the room and into the wall.

"You're getting better ryoka." The Captain of the 8th Squad told him kindly, walking over to the table nearby and pouring himself a drink. He smiled lightly at the figure acrossed the room, leaning against the wall. "It's almost hard to believe you've only been here for three days"

Requiem shook his head "I'm a little surprised myself to tell you the truth." He responded "But I guess I can say that I had a good teacher." He frowned, memories flooding his mind once again. He pulled himself up and walked over to the Captain, getting a drink himself. He needed something to wash away the memory. "Tell me, if you would Kyoraku, why do you train me in hiding? Is it so bad that I am here?"

"Hm... Since you've learned the name of your zanpakuto, you've yet to hit me even once." The demeanor of the Captain suddenly seemed far more tense than before as he spoke "If you can hit me, even once with your Zaigou, then I will bring you forward to the Head Captain"

With a silent nod, Requiem moved back to his original position. He was tired of hiding from all the other Shinigami. Slowly the Captain too returned to his place. The battle was on and a series of quick flashes and sparks streamed off of the two opposing bodies.

After several minutes of intense fighting and the captain let out a shout of agony, falling backwards as nineteen years of pain and suffering flooded his body at once. Requiem pulled the bladed gauntlet back, a line of blood trailing along the top part of his weapon. He'd only scratched him, hadn't he? Looking at the Captain nervously he reached down to help him. Kyorakyu waved him away, pulling himself up, the pain obviously subsiding.

"That's quite a weapon you've got there" He mumbled, backing up slowly and using the wall as a support.

"What happened Captain? I barely scratched you!" Of course Requiem didn't know what Zaigou did, when he'd first met with his Zanpakuto, the form he saw was merely that of a shadow clothed in a heavily torn cloak, blood oozing out through the tears, it remained silent the entire time.

Kyoraku looked at him momentarily, regaining his composure and standing up straight, or at least as straight as he normally did. "I think I know the power of your zanpakuto. It has the ability to transmit your lifetime's worth of pain in each strike." He explained, rather surprised by how much the youth in front of him had endured in his short life.

Requiem looked down at his right arm, Zaigou covering it. He nodded slowly as it returned to it's original form so that he could sheathe it. "I am sorry Captain, I didn't know"

"It's fine, anyway, I promised I'd bring you up to the Head Captain if you managed to hit me, didn't I?" He asked lightly, "Well, a promise is a promise, but for that you have to stay here until I can arrange for such a meeting."

With a frown, Requiem nodded and sighed, dissapointed that he'd have to remain hidden still. "Alright..." He mumbled, walking back and sitting against the wall.

The Captain smiled wryly "Relax, it won't be that long my friend. Here, drink and relax." With that, he left, leaving Requiem alone in the room.

Knowing he had little else he could do, Requiem leaned back onto the floor and closed his eyes, letting the world fade behind him.


"Req! We're heading in! Try not to fall behind." Opening his eyes he saw his old friend looking at him, a smile on his face. "You're always late, you miss out on all the fun, now c'mon!" Seven said to him, pulling him from his daze.

"Ugh, alright, alright, I'm coming" Requiem groaned shaking his head. He was the most proficient shot in Brandon Heat's Grave Unit, but he was also the laziest. He looked over to Seven as he walked. He'd met him in the beginning, when he'd first joined up with Millenion, and they'd been friends ever since. Req never knew how his friend had recieved the nickname, and he'd never bothered to ask, although if he had to guess, he'd probably say because the guy seemed to have an infinite supply of luck.

Looking over at their boss, he couldn't help but smirk. Brandon Heat was about as quiet as a person could possibly be, and probably more loyal to the family than Big Daddy himself. A great man to aspire to.

Requiem moved to the back of the building and slipped inside. They'd been sent to put pressure on a banker that had been working with a rival gang. Requiem's job was simple. Make sure that nobody left that wasn't supposed to. Mainly being anybody that would go for help from the other gang.

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Bleach Gungrave Crossover
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