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 Go Here First - Entrance

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Go Here First - Entrance Empty
PostSubject: Go Here First - Entrance   Go Here First - Entrance I_icon_minitimeFri Feb 18, 2011 12:17 pm

to The Escape Estate.

This place was created in order to give Kelly and her family a place for you to keep tabs on us.
Updates will happen once a week, possibly more.
Pictures will be continuously added for appeal.
Each Thread will be titled as First, Second, Third, etc. You would be wise to follow these in order, less you desire to be lost.
If there are more than one Thread with the same order "Second", then you may choose which path to take first.

You walk toward the large grated gate where you peek inside. Seeing nothing but some shrubbery, you ring the bell to the left. A camera zooms out from the top right of the gate, almost making hard contact to your face. It stops before it hits you, then zooms back to its hiding place behind the large double doors, just before they begin to separate.

When you walk in, you are left with three paths to choose.

>Take the path to your right.
>Take the path to your left.
>Stay on the main path and head straight.
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Go Here First - Entrance
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