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 Second - Take the First Turn to the Right

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PostSubject: Second - Take the First Turn to the Right   Sat Feb 19, 2011 5:04 pm

At the entrance, you see a selection of golf carts beside the gate, so you decide to take one.

Jumping in, you start up the cart and head down the path. All you see is a small dirt path with trees surrounding you on either side. As you look behind you, the gate has disappeared. After a couple minutes of peaceful driving, a path opens to your right.

You decide to take it.

Down this path, you see trees lining the path, as well. Again, a few minutes pass until you see another path to your right, or you may continue on the path and see what waits at the end.

Go back to The Escape and choose one labeled "Third - (If You Took the FIRST Right)".
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Second - Take the First Turn to the Right
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