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 Second - Take the First Turn to the Left

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Second - Take the First Turn to the Left Empty
PostSubject: Second - Take the First Turn to the Left   Second - Take the First Turn to the Left I_icon_minitimeSat Feb 19, 2011 5:21 pm


At the entrance, you see a selection of golf carts beside the gate, so you decide to take one.

Jumping in, you start up the cart and head down the path. All you see is a small dirt path with trees surrounding you on either side. As you look behind you, the gate has disappeared. After a couple minutes of peaceful driving, a path opens to your right, but you decide to continue down the main path.

Soon, a path opens to your left.

Instead of continuing forward, you decide to take the left path.

Down this path, you see trees lining the path, as well. Finally, you see an opening where the trees begin to separate and a field is revealed.


Ahead, there is a large building. It looks like the main building. As you approach, you begin to hear strange noises.

The cart slows to a step near the building and you step out. Upon opening the door, you realize the noises were different species of animals. This was not the main building. No, this was the Animal Palace where Kelly, the owner of the property, housed her many pets.

((Pictures will be updated her of my actual pets.))

Go back to The Escape and choose another path labeled "Second".
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Second - Take the First Turn to the Left
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