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 Ruleset for the Roleplay

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PostSubject: Ruleset for the Roleplay   Ruleset for the Roleplay I_icon_minitimeWed Mar 21, 2012 10:03 pm

2006, Eight Years after Harry Potter Graduated
Humans Only
Starting as First Years
There are no major wizarding wars of any kind, cleanup from the final battle of Hogwarts ended in 2001
You will be sorted at my discretion. Don't worry, I'll try to be fair.

Class Stats - These stats are going to reflect your aptitude in each class area, and will affect what grade you recieve in them.

Defence Against the Dark Arts

All Class Stats have a Base Value of 10 Points. This score is the equivalent of a C in class tests, and an average aptitude. You can lower your points in one class to add them to another if you would like, but class stats cannot go lower than 8. You will also recieve 20 Points to assign where you will in each area with the exception that you cannot put more than 10 points into one Class.

Personal Stats - These stats reflect your personal life more than your school life. Mostly these will affect your extra-curricular courses, such as Quidditch, or chess, but may impact other things as well.

Charm - This will affect how NPC's respond to you, that means Teachers, Students, even Animals will react differently to you dependant on your charm level.
Strenth - Running, Jumping, even just Carrying things around requires strength. Quidditch is one of the most heavily affected ones, but other situations will arise as well.
Intelligence - This impacts your memory, and your ability to think ahead.
Perception - Your ability to notice the small things, or anything for that matter. A low perception score denotes poor eyesight, but also the ability to percieve reactions and responses from people.

In these, you will recieve 12 points with which to add to your scores. You may also decrease your stats by two points, but the consequences of doing so are very steep.

I request that all players send me a copy of their stats so that we can be sure that all effects are as desired.

The stats will be employed using a die generator. The details of which are based around simple addition and subtraction.

This is the scoring table

F 1
D- 2-3
D 4-5
D+ 6-7
C- 8-9
C 10-11
C+ 12-13
B- 14-15
B 16-17
B+ 18-19
A- 20-21
A 22-23
A+ 24-25

There are two methods we could run here that myself and my co-DM have a disagreement on. As such we're taking it up to vote.

The first is run through a mathematical basis taking your stat score, rolling two die. The example being that you have a very low score, the lowest available being eight, so... Say you roll two threes, bringing your total to 14. Because it's lower than the test score of 15, you subtract the 14, then take the remainder and subtract it from your base score, giving you a total. It works in the opposite standard as well.




The other method follows the standard D&D method. So say you have that eight as your base stat. You need a 15 to succeed. You roll the two die, and get a total of 13, so you failed the roll. You then roll the dice once more to see how badly you failed. For instance, if you rolled the second time and got a five, then your score would be a three and have a D-, this also works in the opposite way.

8+5=13<15 Roll again.
Roll 3+1=5

Roll 4+6=10

Either method works, and will effect all rolled responses. Either way, it's up to the players by vote.

Players will also be recieving Ten Galleons to spend on what they desire. Things like robes, books, and the like are all already covered. Inventory and Prices will be in the shop thread. There will be various ways to make money throughout the RP.

Lastly, this is going to span the course of the full seven years, so it's going to be a long term roleplay.
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Ruleset for the Roleplay
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